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How it Works

While email serves as the vehicle for communication, it’s the additional efforts like investing in research, creating compelling offers, crafting persuasive copy, and building scalable systems that result in multiple meetings with qualified prospects each week who are now familiar with your brand and eager to start working with you.






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Meeting Book Rate

Meaning, we send 100 emails, and you book four meetings.

About the Process


We’ll learn your business, identify your ICP, the offer you’re promoting, find the best fits within that target market, then research each prospect to deliver a message so personalized it could not have been sent to anyone else.

Offer creation

“I book sales calls.” Might be what you offer, but that won’t convert. We need captivating/impactful messaging. Instead say, “I’ve booked 35 meetings over the last seven weeks with $10M+ brands for my clients, I’d like to see if we can do the same for you.”


We leverage both automation and a human touch to create scalable campaigns which retain a personalized experience. While you manage your business, we’ll introduce potential customers/investors to your brand and prep them for meetings.

What Clients Say

Firsthand quotes on our effectiveness and growth experienced by our clients.

“It's been great. We just signed LinkedIn as a client and are closing two others this week."
Picture of Eva

Channing Moreland

CoFounder, Book With Eva

“Ya, it's been very consistent. We would've had to have spent 10x more to get these results with Google Ads"
Picture of John

John Pasquarette

CMO, Swift Sensors

“We've been booking multiple calls each week with our perfect clients"
Picture of Wen

Wen Zhang

Founder of If Not Now Wen, Startup Coaching

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